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MakroCare is led by research and business professionals who are result-oriented, dynamic and highly experienced.

Executive Management:

  • Mahesh Malneedi : President and Co-Founder
  • Ashok K. Ghone, PhD : VP, Global Services
  • Vijaya Jaiswal, MD: VP, Medical Services

Medical and Scientific Advisors:

  • Thomas Laage, MD, MPH : Safety (Drug & Device)
  • G. Durga Prasad,MD : Oncology
  • Salman Malad, MD : Oncology
  • Adly Thebaud, MD,CPI. : Psychiatry & Neurology
  • Rajiv Chandra, MD, PhD, FACC. : Cardiology
  • Martha Beyazova, PhD, RAC : Regulatory and Scientific Affairs
  • Andrew Willis : Regulatory / Technical Advisor
  • Antoni Kamphuis: PV and Regulatory


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