A complex oncology clinical study report

CSRs, and other regulatory documents, besides experience in writing manuscripts for medical journals. Thanks to the robust medical writing process followed at MakroCare that involves drafting in conjunction with subject experts and biostatisticians, and a series of critical reviews including editorial reviews followed by a stringent quality review, MakroCare delivered a top notch CSR to client.

Time & Cost Effective Management of Voluminous Clinical Data is Easier Than You Think!

MakroCare is the right partner for Pharmaceutical companies performing clinical trials with its expertise and available resources for managing paper based, voluminous clinical data running into tens of thousands of pages.

Aim:To assess efficacy & safety of the study drug in patients with Metastatic Breast Cancer

Phase III, doubleā€blind, placebo controlled, randomized study with 20 months per patient clinical duration

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