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Global Consumer companies constantly need to design product labels for meeting regulatory compliance and local market needs. Updates and maintenance of label changes can create uneven workloads leading to higher costs if these are done through Fulltime FTEs.

Labeling services by MakroCare:

  • BulletProvides strategic and tactical labeling guidance to the cross-functional teams and affiliates
  • Bullet Development and approval of core labeling package
  • Bullet Update and maintenance of core labeling documents
  • Bullet Central (HQ) & local compliance
  • Bullet Management and approval of mock-ups and Label artwork
  • Bullet Labeling translation management
  • Bullet Local label creation & country specific QC

MakroCare Labeling department performs strategic & tactical services to Consumer Health companies.

MakroCare has in depth experience in Labeling management (Content, localization and artwork/design). Our experts are connected to deliver integrated solutions globally with detailed knowledge of different local guidelines. Through our shared resources and management techniques, we can offer innovative value-added solutions that augment your internal teams / processes.

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