UDI : Unique Device

UDI is considered to be the catalyst in the evolution of the business processes within the Medical technology industry, both to keep its pace with and tap the potential of the Information Age. All future revisions and new regulations are forecasted to be based on the foundation laid by the implementation of the UDI within the organizations. Hence it is important not only to comply with UDI rule, but also do it right as a long term and standard practice basis. Doing it again can be cost prohibitive, if future regulations require major changes.

MakroCare brings the right set of resources and experience, to help guide you with this transition.

UDI: Unique Device Identification


  • 360 degree vision during designing the implementation and change management plan
  • Team includes, GS1 standards experts, medical device compliance and IT personnel’s
  • Plan designing with consideration to local/ global standards and current and future regulations

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