Emerging Region Strategy

Maximizing Global Solutions....Extending the Market

As Pharmaceutical companies look to the emerging markets for faster growth, longer life cycle of products and an increase in efficient staffing support Makrocare has been developing and successfully implementing emerging region strategies for over a decade. With a firm foothold in the emerging regions and with additional Operational centers in the UK, Poland and USA, Makrocare has established strategic partnering solutions to assist our pharmaceutical clients across the emerging and second tier markets throughout Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

With an estimated 30% of all anticipated pharmaceutical revenue coming from the emerging region by 2018 companies are seeking the best strategic advice and product lifecycle solutions that will help solve the slowing of mature products, patent expirations and increased regulatory challenges they are all facing. Makrocare has emerged as providing the most creative, efficient and scalable answer to these challenges and more.

Whether providing expert teams that are cross functionally trained in our patented Centers of Excellence Lean methodology or creating Regional Centers of Operations for full infrastructure support; Makrocare is well positioned to implement the winning emerging strategy for your company.

The Difference... Our Expertise... Our Foundation

With our roots firmly established in the emerging regions we have hired the best resources. We have invested, and developed the best teams, products and tools to execute the most effective solutions. Balancing our global competencies with customized local regional service Makrocare strategic emerging business unit builds successful advanced strategies to hurdle challenging and unknown markets.

  • Regulatory Affairs & Medical Information
  • Risk Management & Infrastructure Support
  • Strategic Consulting & Growth Expansion
  • Established Products
  • Resource Productivity & Predictive Models of Resource Optimization
Reinventing the Partnership

For Large Pharma Large pharmaceutical companies are struggling with the challenges of solving the resourcing forecasting issue, reducing development timelines, minimizing cost and managing patent expirations – MakroCare has developed customized predictive business models of operations where we optimize resources by cross functionally training our teams and developing a deep internal knowledge base. Additional models of optimization include our scalable platform where we bundle core operational functions to create a lean systematic solution.

Optimizing resources… Cross trained teams… Solutions for forecasting, reduction of cycle times, process synergies

For Small to Mid-Sized Companies Small development companies face many challenges as they strive to reach that next level of success. Smaller firms deal with limited resources, limited global reach and segmented infrastructure –MakroCare provides full life cycle strategic solutions to develop the process, internal standards, in-depth country knowledge, on-ground operations to create a successful and coordinated service delivery model across multiple functions.

Full life cycle support… In-depth Country knowledge… Infrastructure & Technology

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