Join us at Booth no: O4 in DIA Annual EuroMeet,Germany on April 6-8 2016

April 6-8 2016 | EuroMeet,Germany

MakroCare is participating at the 28th DIA Annual Euro Meeting which will be held from April 6th-8th in Hamburg, Germany. The DIA 28th Annual Euro Meeting brings Life Science industry

together to collaborate on when, where and how innovation leads to advances in health care product development.It provides the premier platform to exchange ideas with thought leaders and interactions.

This year Euro Meeting has taken the themes how all players along the product development life cycle, as well as societal needs, impact the development process. Additionally, these themes

directly address the inter dependencies of how policy decision makers and regulators anticipate, evaluate and adjust guidelines accordingly.

With over 15 years of expert strategic development and consulting experience, MakroCare is a global partner with extensive experience in strategy, program design, regulatory/risk planning &

management, medical support and emerging region planning. With operations and presence in US, UK, Europe, India, Singapore, China and Japan, MakroCare is well positioned to meet the

demands of the expanding product portfolio needs of our life sciences clients worldwide.