IDMP RO (Resource Outsourcing) Services

MakroCare presents a unique IDMPaaS (IDMP Process as a service) solution for IDMP advisory and implementation, specially designed to expedite the implementation process by eliminating huge capital investment and keeping the operational expenses low.

MakroCare BPaaS helps companies get benefits of best of technologies and expert services at reasonable costs. It is a great time and money saver however most importantly you can still perform optimally with your existing systems and resources, while gaining advantage.

Key Features of IDMPaaS:
  • Put together an end-to-end data flow and process plan
  • comprehensive definition of business values and stakeholders
  • Quality and compliance driven process
  • Implicit and secure implementation process
  • Precise documentation
  • Strict Timeline adherence
IDMPaaS scope for xEVMPD to IDMP migration

As scope of IDMP is far more extensive and demanding than xEVMPD however in order to maintain data similarity and congruence, it is extremely important to follow strict regime and processes to securely and safely perform migration. BPaaS focuses on following data roadmap to meticulously execute migration process.

  • Data detection
  • Data segmentation
  • Data Quality analysis
  • Data assimilation
  • Data realignment
IDMPaaS: Risk Vs Mitigation Action

IDMP implementation poses significant risk however BPaaS is well equipped to mitigate this risk and helps MAHs to sail smoothly in troubled water.

Organizational Risk (OR)
  • Alignment anomaly spread across various stakeholders, IT function and business which leads to resource constrains.
Operational risks (OpR)
  • Loosely equipped operating models to facilitate IDMP implementation,
  • Overlapping processes for master data configurations which are misaligned with IDMP requirements.
Regulatory Risk (RR)
  • Incongruity spread across different jurisdiction due to different implementation requirement. This is due to delay in final EMA guideline which is resulting in uncertainty and tight timeline.
IDMPaaS: Mitigation highlights
  • Tactfully utilizing time in hand to start stepwise analysis and reviews to make sure that IDMP implementation is set on right track.
  • Balancing an alignment to ensure IDMP awareness across all the stakeholders and not seen as simply a technological requirement.
  • Very thought out time management strategy to achieve project deadline
  • Highly scalable strategy plan to ensure any future expansion happens in harmony
  • Rightfully aligning all the stakeholders to construct product master date as per the MDM road map suggested.
  • Ensuring right strategy and guidance at executive level to facilitate sponsorship and resolve conflict.
IDMPaaS: AdvanceEdge
  • Reliable: In order to provide round the clock support we have built highly reliable solutions which keep work going without any hassle and help achieving stringent timelines.
  • Secure : Data safety is major concern area and companies prefer to keep as grounded as possible while using our service client don’t have to worry About data safety as we take highest measures to keep data safe and Secure.
  • Intelligent: Our solution is ingeniously designed to help client achieve maximum efficiency and value for money
  • Scalable : We understand the need of the hour that is why our solution is highly scalable it grows as your requirement grows.
  • Easy to use: We have devised a very comprehensive complex system however it is absolutely easy to use and train.
  • Easy to maintain: Our system is very easy to maintain and requires Minimum attention to run uninterruptedly.
  • Easy to access : Our robust solution carries flexibility to be used and accessed Easily at all locations.
  • Cost effective: We have developed our system to help clients achieve good ROI Hence our solution is very competitive and cost effective in nature.

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