Join us at 5th Annual Reg Ops & Submissions Conference in PA,April 27-28, 2016

This year there is a sea change in the guidelines, data requirements and eCTD formats which is getting released within the industry recently. that challenges facing regulatory submission experts continue to evolve as organizations seek to gain speedy product approvals.The conference will covera plethora of areas from updates regarding Module 1, global submissions standards, submission review best practices through to increased transparency measures in accordance with EU policy 70.

Join MakroCare at 5th Annual Reg Ops & Submissions Conference. Our Regulatory team will be present to meet your queries. MakroCare is a knowledge and technology-enabled drug development partner and functional provider to global Pharma, Biotech and Device companies. Our 15+ years experience and constant innovation solve customer's challenges in Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Research and Medical Affairs. Leveraging global resources, program models are managed using FSP or FFS arrangements. With multiple awards and quality certifications achieved all these years, clients can benefit from our depth and breadth.

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