MakroCare opens Switzerland presence

Life Sciences has always been a top priority for Switzerland. This focus of the country led to good growth of pharma, biotech, nutrition and medical devices in the country over the decades. To support local firms in expanding and managing global projects, MakroCare announced the opening of a new international office in Basel. This office, along with it’s presence in other parts of Europe will offer local support to European firms who want to expand to other regions and vice versa.


MakroCare has well integrated four main focused divisions – CRO, Consulting, Informatics and SMO. Through these divisions, it offers project management, regulatory affairs, risk management, site selection, patient recruitment, trial management (P II/III and late phase), clinical monitoring, biometrics (cdm, edc, biostat, SAS, medical writing), audits, pharmacovigilance, informatics (products, services), call center and medical affairs. The company has other offices in USA and Asia.