DIA 3rd Clinical Forum 2009: Europe Pharma to enter into alliance with MakroCare

The Drug Information Association (DIA) hosted its 3rd Annual Clinical Forum 2009 at Nice France, between October 19th and 21st, 2009. This DIA conference focused on “Improving Clinical Development Together!” to develop new ideas for better processes and communicating with other disciplines and stakeholders involved in clinical research. There were interesting workshops and sessions by renowned companies that gave good exposure to new trends and great learning and allowed to share the same space in future markets.

This DIA event has been a great platform to showcase MakroCare capabilities, and to explore new avenues for its services, future plans, business opportunities, and respond to the queries of both existing potential clients and prospective clients. Hundreds of clients visited our booth and enquired about our clinical and safety data management, statistics, medical information, medical writing, pharmacovigilance, information technology and validation etc. Few of the top executives of Europe pharma industry, who were satisfied with our services, assured us of many more alliances.

About Makrocare:
MakroCare, a global clinical services firm, provides clinical research support to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical devices industries. The company offers site selection, patient recruitment, project and clinical data management, clinical monitoring, medical writing, PMS/Pharmacovigilance, biometrics, call centre service, regulatory assistance, and quality assurance. MakroCare has offices in USA (New Jersey, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and California), India (Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru and New Delhi), Japan (Tokyo), and Europe (Frankfurt).