DIA’s 3rd Annual Conference, Japan: Asian Biopharmaceutical Industries showed keen interest in MakroCare

The DIA’s 3rd Annual Conference for Asian New Drug Development was held on May 28-29 at the Tower Hall Funabori in Tokyo, Japan. The event attracted more industry leaders and clinical development professionals, regulatory affairs personnel, personnel at clinical study sites, and personnel at CROs, and SMOs, representing different Asian countries.

Professional experts in drug development from China, Taiwan, and the Republic of Korea as well as other countries have addressed and shared their experiences with the attendees of the conference. The expert speakers discussed about epidemiological research and market needs in Asian countries, case studies of Asian clinical strategy and regulatory issues, and its contribution for Asian patients and their health care.

MakroCare attended this conference consecutively for two years and is one among the participants & exhibitors in the event. MakroCare exhibited at Booth No.27 in this annual meeting and presented its services, processes and infrastructure. Industry heads and leaders from global biotech and pharmaceutical companies visited our booth and showed keen interest in joint ventures, partnering, and exploring other opportunities.

About Makrocare:
MakroCare, a global clinical services firm, provides clinical research support to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. The company offers site selection, patient recruitment, project and data management, clinical monitoring, quality assurance, medical writing, PMS/PharmacoVigilance, biometrics, and regulatory assistance. MakroCare has offices in USA (New Jersey, Illinois, Pennsylvania) and India (Hyderabad).