MakroCare selected as Integrated Late Phase Partner

TOP 20 global pharma signed a three-year Agreement with MakroCare to support back-end services of all local and regional Phase IV Studies globally.

Under this Agreement, MakroCare shall be supporting back-end services including Technology (MakroCare’s subsidiary DDi to provide mEDC, mPortal, ClinMetanoia and others) integrated with Functional services like Clinical Data Management, Biostatistics, SAS Programming and Medical Writing. This will include MakroCare harmonizing the efforts and enabling the preferred providers with all global stakeholders. The overall goal is to induce Standardization which will lead to reusability and hence the cost savings, without compromising Service Delivery and Quality.

The main objective for this Sponsor was is to define a harmonized, cost effective outsourcing strategy by consolidating the number of providers while enabling the implementation of the same level of standards across the globe.

MakroCare will work as a close Preferred Provider in implementing a regional clinical outsourcing model which will drive functional excellence, capture synergies, introduce standardized process and improve efficiency. Financial forecasts are not announced by the parties.