Real World Evidence Services

ANY and ALL patient data has value. Data coming from different sources that is acquired using various methods for different research or commercial purposes poses some challenges that include:

  • Low quality data and lack of context
  • Methods for analyzing and linking data is limited
  • Lack of ways to measure the impact of RWE
  • Concerns over data protection

MakroCare with a robust big data and analytics teams, help minimize the challenges mentioned above with right expertise and established processes in place. Apart from that, following are some of the areas we can support RWE projects:

  • Data planning (EMR, charts, Insurance data, studies, other) to cleaning to final data set preparation
  • Statistical and Epidemiologists augmented by Clinical team
  • Data Analysis & Programming
  • Data Scientists
  • Machine Learning / AI (unstructured data like charts)

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Have Questions? Need Info/Quotes?