It has come to our notice / attention that there has been an increase in reports of fraudulent job offers being made in the name of MakroCare Clinical Research Ltd. Fraudsters have been reaching out to unsuspecting individuals and extending fake job offers, which is a clear instance of identity theft and reputation damage.

We want to underline that MakroCare Clinical Research Ltd. does not engage in such deceptive recruitment practices. Any job offers allegedly from MakroCare Clinical Research Ltd. that require candidates to make payments for courses or training should be regarded as fake offers. We do not endorse or require candidates to enrol in any specific courses or training programs as a condition of employment.

MakroCare Clinical Research Ltd. will not be held liable for any losses incurred or damages suffered as a result of individuals dealing with such fraudulent entities. We maintain high ethical standards and have a zero-tolerance policy towards any activities that misrepresent our values or tarnish our reputation.

Please be informed that MakroCare Clinical Research Ltd. does not endorse or promote any institution or online training platforms for job applicants. Our hiring process is solely based on meritocracy and relevance to the position.

We urge all candidates who are approached by third parties demanding enrolment in training platforms or institutions for jobs at MakroCare Clinical Research Ltd. to report such instances to us immediately at [email protected].

Recruitment fraud may manifest in various forms, including but not limited to:

  1. Fake Job Offers: Fraudsters may issue counterfeit job offers via email, phone calls, or social media platforms, promising lucrative employment opportunities within MakroCare Clinical Research Ltd.
  2. Payment Requests: Scammers may request payment for processing fees, visa applications, or training materials as a prerequisite for job consideration, despite such practices being against our company policy
  3. Identity Theft: Unscrupulous individuals may attempt to obtain sensitive personal information or copies of identification documents from job applicants under false pretences, posing as representatives of MakroCare Clinical Research Ltd.

To safeguard against recruitment fraud, we advise the following precautions:

  1. Verify the Source: Before responding to any job offer purportedly MakroCare Clinical Research Ltd., verify the authenticity of the communication by contacting our official HR department directly using the contact information provided on our official website or corporate communications.
  2. Exercise Caution: Exercise caution when receiving unsolicited job offers, especially if they require immediate action or request sensitive information or payments.
  3. Protect Personal Information: Refrain from sharing personal information, financial details, or copies of identification documents with unknown parties or unverified sources.
  4. Report Suspicious Activity: If you encounter any suspicious job offers or recruitment practices claiming affiliation with MakroCare Clinical Research Ltd., report them to our HR department or local authorities promptly.


At MakroCare Clinical Research Ltd. we are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of our recruitment process and ensuring the safety and security of all job applicants. We urge all job seekers to remain vigilant and report any instances of recruitment fraud to the appropriate authorities.