Thought Leadership
Regulatory Outsourcing: ''TO or Not TO"

“To Outsource or Not to Outsource”, the question that many of the companies may be asking. The webinar aims to compare and contrast the advantages & disadvantages of outsourcing Regulatory Affairs from both a Sponsor/Manufacturers' point of view and from a RA Vendor's perspective.

Webcast will cover:

  • Should you consider outsourcing or not
  • What to Outsource & what not to
  • Hybrid Models
  • Share practical experiences
Who Should Attend:

  • Regulatory Affairs Professionals
  • Executive Management / Procurement / Outsourcing
Limited Participants
  • Maximum 100 only
Speaker Dr. Alan A. Chalmers

Dr Alan A. Chalmers is a pharmacist with over 35 years' industrial experience mainly in the field of pharmaceutical regulatory affairs.

Over 20 years were spent with Ciba-Geigy/CIBA/Novartis in all aspects of regulatory affairs including head of a group company DRA in Canada and for many years as Head of Pharma International regulatory affairs with global regulatory responsibilities for both new products and product maintenance. Dr. Chalmers has been a consultant to the IFPMA, WHO and other international bodies.

Andrew Bowen
Director, UK/Nordics, MakroCare

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