Our expertise in Regulatory Information Management (RIM) and the challenges bringing together a complete regulatory data vision and RIM systems help you successfully achieve an optimized RIM vision. We’ve created a comprehensive RIM framework to facilitate the development of a future state RIM strategy and roadmap for managing regulatory information across your organization.

Our framework addresses the process, data, and technology aspects of the RIM goals, and ensures alignment among regulatory and business leaders. Our strategy consultants leverage this framework to provide a comprehensive view of the current environment, a vision for the future based on leading practices tailored to your needs, and a roadmap for getting there.

Our consultants providesyou with a path forward to efficiently and effectively:

  • Manage global product registrations and manufacturing changes throughout the product life cycle
  • Manage health authority correspondence and commitments
  • Plan and manage regulatory submissions, labeling, and promotional materials

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Have Questions? Need Info/Quotes?