Transitioning to scalable and organized approach to RWE will require collaboration, change and investment from every sector involved in healthcare – Regulators, BioPharma, Payers and Providers.

MakroCare helps companies to formalize objectives, design data programs acquire data or review existing data, link data, and analysis reports finally. Use our proprietary technology and tools to make the process much more efficient.

Siloed approach to RWD and RWE not only increases unwanted spend but may fail in getting the required “evidence” that satisfies stake holders. In addition, using some of your existing technology that’s meant for Clinical research may be process and cost heavy and chances are high that these will constrain the “new approach” thinking that RWD and RWE projects need.

MakroCare’s REWOD proprietary platform, brings the necessary modules and tools needed to handle prospective data collection or simple surveys or ePRO or Chart reviews. In addition, a standardized data model is utilized to enable combining different datasets derived from various sources to maximize the “evidence” generation options.

Features & Benefits:

  • ePRO, eCRO, EDC &Chatbot included
  • All data at one place
  • Faster provisioning of data (All data related utilities included)
  • Dashboards & Reports across all datasets
  • Unstructured data alignment with streamlined data

Have Questions? Need Info/Quotes?

Have Questions? Need Info/Quotes?