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Centralized Monitoring: A Smart & Cost Efficient Clinical Monitoring Approach

Speaker: Dr C. Lessmann , Jane Tucker, Ashok K. Ghone

The right implementation of a centralized monitoring approach is essential in maximizing benefits with regard to higher quality of study conduct, reporting and better monitoring of patient safety with reduced number of on-site monitoring visits. The successful implementation of centralized monitoring requires effective planning, process restructuring, cross-functional expertise alignment, and the right technology in place. Designing realistic, efficient monitoring plan with pre-defined risk indicators, thresholds with suggested action plan, training of resources, selection and validation of are important aspects of adopting centralized monitoring.

After overwhelming response to the first webinar on Centralized Monitoring: Understanding process and concept, MakroCare takes pleasure in presenting Part II of this webinar. As the industry is moving forward with the process of standardization and optimization for centralized monitoring to create further efficiencies in clinical trial management and to enhance data quality, this webinar will provide further insight in adopting successful Centralized Monitoring approach.

  • Monitoring plans encompassing centralised monitoring
  • Technology to support a centralised monitoring approach
  • Real case scenario on reporting of centralised monitoring activities
  • Guidance on the aspects of system validation necessary for effective centralised monitoring
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