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Clinical Research in Emerging Regions: Understanding Challenges & Best Practices

Speaker: Daniel Ciriano , Ashok K. Ghone

The emerging regions such as Latin America (LA), Central & Eastern Europe(CEE) and Asia Pacific (APAC) play very important role in global clinical research. While these emerging regions offer significant advantages to drug development companies in terms of large populations, treatment naïve patients, increased speed of recruitment, quality of Investigators and lower costs, they also bring complexities to the clinical trials planning and execution process. Most of these complexities, challenges are manageable, and become less of an issue with better understanding of their unique regulatory environments , cultural differences, language barriers and operational pitfalls. As more and more drug development companies look at the emerging regions to conduct their clinical trials, the need for right information, guidance and understanding of these challenges & best practices in new and unfamiliar countries become greater important than ever to optimize the benefits.

This webinar will cover:

  • The importance and role of the emerging regions such as LA, APAC in global clinical research
  • Regulatory landscape and operational practices
  • Challenges with respect to cultural differences, planning and executions of clinical trials
  • Best practices to overcome the challenges and to optimize the results


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