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Need for Data Integration in eClinical systems

Speaker: Michael Goedde , Simon J Wray

As eClinical tools continue to gain popularity throughout the drug development spectrum, there is increasing access to more real-time data to multiple stakeholders in a clinical study (clinical operations, data operations, statistics, medical and senior management), leading to early detection of trends in enrollment/ recruitment, data quality, safety and drug design thereby leading to quicker and better informed decisions. However with the use of multiple tools like EDC, IWRS, CTMS, Safety, ePRO and others, there is overflow of data from various sources and increasing possibility of redundant data collection and repeat of activities resulting in loss of valuable time and resources. Hence the need for integrating and interfacing all existing tools within the eClinical suite and work more effectively across all areas of Clinical research.

Considering the importance of this topic “Need for Data Integration in eClinical systems” in today’s world and the challenges faced therein, DDi is bringing together Industry experts from both Data Management and eClinical areas, to share their views and ideas on how effective integration can be achieved.

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