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Use Of Digital & Social Media In Patient Recruitment & Retention

Speaker: Nariman Nasser

Digital and social media offer powerful, cost-effective tools for patient recruitment and retention in clinical trials. Until recently these efforts relied on more costly, less precise traditional media such as television, radio and print advertising.

Around sixty-two per cent of the global population is now engaged in social media. The use of social and digital media has been growing drastically as patient recruitment tactics to target the pool of potential subjects for clinical trials as they help assemble large, demographically diverse patient groups more quickly and less expensively. Also, the performance metrics related to speed and cost of patient enrollment in clinical trials are witnessing that social media and other digital strategies are bringing great results. This webinar will cover use of digital and social media for effective patient recruitment/retention, strategies for planning and tracking effectiveness of the digital and social media recruitment campaign.

Key Topics:

  • Social media pages vs. social media ads vs. digital media
  • Considerations in planning your social/digital media recruitment campaign
  • Tracking return on your social/digital media recruitment campaign
  • Using social media for retention
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