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Webinar: Next Generation of Central Monitor and Monitoring in RBM-Industry Updates
With the inclusion of centralized monitoring in risk based monitoring (RBM) approach; the Central Monitor is emerging as a key and important role.

Global Labeling
Webinar: Strategies for Global Labeling Management in Changing Reg Environment
If you are part of Regulatory - Labeling team in your company, you should not miss this Webinar. As you are constantly working to coordinate a more robust end-to-end.

Webinar: Focusing Investigational Sites Risks in RBM
Sponsor’s performance of investigational site risk assessment is essential for effective planning and implementation of clinical trial project.

Outsourcing TO or Not TO
Webinar: Regulatory Outsourcing To or Not To
“To Outsource or Not to Outsource”, the question that many of the companies may be asking. The webinar aims to compare and contrast the advantages & disadvantages.

Webinar: RAPS & MakroCare invite you for an evening of learning and networking
At the RAPS Philadelphia chapter, MakroCare is sponsoring a Seminar on Regulatory Intelligence - It's Not Just a Buzz Word Anymore