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Important points to consider before entering the Chinese Medical Device Market

China being one of the most important markets in the emerging segment, is gearing up with a rapid speed with many changes in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device regulatory processes.
The most important Change that will affect the Overseas Medical Device manufacturer is the proposed Medical Device User Fees, which is quite significant, and is expected to be implemented very soon.

eEnrollment: Making Patient Recruitment a Cost - Efficient Approach with Digital & Social Media Options

Patient Recruitment is one of the most important aspects of clinical trials and a key determinant of the success of a drug development program. Despite of more than two decades of focus attention and continuous improvement in the recruitment methodologies, patient recruitmen t has been the largest challenges and the greatest contributor for the delay in clinical trials.


Medicine 2.0: A Generation Next Practice of Healthcare and Medicine

Social networking, an area that has been considered unprofessional, is now attracting big industries all over the world. Most of the established as well as start-up IT companies have realized the professional benefits of social networking and are applying web technologies (Web 2.0) in their work culture as collaboration tools

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