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RA Strategy for Biopharma Acquisitions

The product registration requirements for various countries across the world vary from one another. No medicinal product can be placed in the market unless a marketing authorization is been granted by the competent authorities of each country.

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First Time Right Filing June 2016

Many large and medium biopharma companies operate in 100+ countries. It’s highly challenging to meet regulatory requirements for product approval of new and generic drug fillings, assuring regulatory compliance, and maintaining lifecycle of regulatory authorizations and established guidelines in these countries.

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Major changes in Labeling Regulation coming up in 2016

2016 hopes to be a very happening year as far as rule making for drug labeling. Various regulations are expected in this year by regulatory agencies. To whatever the extent, the most important change would be labeling regulations of generic drugs by the drug major United States of Food and Drug Administration (USFDA).

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